Sagar Vegetarian Review







As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday we spent in London, browsing some galleries, and looking for some nice places to eat. Initially we wanted to check out a place called Kintan, which is famous for its Japanese/Korean barbecues,(the food being cooked at the table over a hot plate), however, we didn’t make a reservation beforehand hence didn’t get in, as it gets very busy at week-end (lesson learnt for next time:). Because of that we decided to check out another place which I wanted to visit for a long time,- ‘Sagar‘ Vegetarian Indian place (Covent Garden branch). And believe me, I really wanted to love this, but sadly, we were a bit disappointed,-firstly with a rather frosty service (but we didn’t pay too much attention to it as, understandably it is in a very busy location) and, secondly, with the food 😦 I ordered the Dosa Massala, which was the only dish we both liked! Vegetable Biriyani  was the worst we ever had (with some wilted and burnt pieces, presumably mushrooms, dried out and brown colour (by the time it reached our table) peas and rather bland rice altogether). We both looked forward to trying Pani Puri and what a disappointment it was,- cold and plastic-like crunchy with some doggy smelling mixture of flavored water. In general, all dishes we ordered were a little watery and lacking in flavour/spice. I really hope we came when the chef had a bad day or may be we made a wrong choice (because after reading majority reviews you can see that it’s a favourite spot by many), but as for me it’s more an eat and go place rather than somewhere to linger. It is definitely a good value for money, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for something more special. 😦

Lunch in Brighton

During last week-end, we had a little road trip, part of which was half a day spend in Brighton, which in my book is always a good idea! It is so refreshing, energising, full of character and amazing places to eat and drink! As we spent most of the morning browsing ‘The Lanes’, for lunch we decided to try one of the eatery there too. It’s called ‘Fil Fil’ and they are popular with Falafels. However, we went for their other special: Fil Fil Mezze Plater (see pictures below). It was absolutely delicious, made with fresh ingredients to order in front of you, good size portion, with an efficient service, friendly atmosphere and a location as a bonus! Falafels were devine – crispy and almost nutty on outside and soft and nicely spiced in inside. The only criticism that the Baba Ganoush was a bit under seasoned but still pleasantly refreshing. The price for the sharing platter for two was £13.50, which is good value, as the portion size is not too stingy, but just a perfect amount. They also prepare a few types of smoothies, which was also delicious (we had ‘Ecuator Breeze’ with Mango, Pineapple, Coconut and Orange – was very refreshing – unfortunately I didn’t take a photo – was too thirsty :). We were extremely pleased with this place and we’d definitely come back there again.

Later on we tried for fist time ever (I know, Im so behind 🙂 Bubble Tea (I had Macha Tea with Tapioca & Mark had Almond Milk one) from Pearls which, to be honest didn’t rock our boat. We both liked the Macha one more, Almond one was a bit powdery and too sweet. May be we should try something else or it is for an acquire taste. 🙂

















The walk we walked, the lunch we ate

Here some pictures from our walk before the storm on Sunday. We walked along the Thames toward the Thames Barrier with the beautiful vistas on both sides. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the Barrier as the heaviest rain started half way, but it brought us to the first available eatery, which happened to be place called Krüger. I’ve never heard of it before but now I am a big fan! We had most delicious lunch there (see last two photos below): Mark had Duck breast with herby Lentil Stew and Wasabi Mash and I had Grilled Aubergines with Tahini sauce, Baba Ghanoush and Quinoa & Soy bean Salad, both of our course were absolutely divine! Good coffee too and cheaper then any other coffee shop chain. 🙂


Dinner with Friends

I like ALL dinner parties. I like the formal dinner party  with the complicated fancy dishes, white table cloth and linen napkins. I like fancy dress dinner parties. But most of all I like casual dinner parties suppers with friends and family type,- parties where we don’t need to dress up to eat, when we cook surrounded by our friends and all get involved. Sometime it just proves  –  less is more! Last night we had exactly this sort of supper, wonderfully hosted by our friend Sam! It was a Mexican feast, there was everything: Chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole & salsa (Jamie Oliver’s recipe), delicious char grilled sweet peppers; spicy and cheese sweetcorn, rice and beans salad, fresh and crunch street salad ( you can find it recipe here, Jamie’s again), jalapeño cheddar cornbread and all other trimmings. Proof is in the pictures..