Hungarian Food taster

During our stay in Hungary, besides the sight-seeing, our aim was, of course, to try as much authentic Hungarian food as possible.

Unfortunately, in the city, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of bright signs on the street, advertising  fast food, pizzas and burgers. However, if you are patient and do some research, turn off the main high street and leave the tourist areas, you’ll be rewarded with some absolutely delicious authentic dishes; Goulash, Bean Soup, Mushroom Soup, Fisherman’s Soup, Stuffed pancakes, Paprikás, made of pork, beef or chicken which is one of the most popular meat dishes.

If you have a sweet tooth you do not want to miss their amazing Hungarian cakes and pastries. Coffee houses, cafés are the best places to try these sweet delights. Luckily, they are everywhere and very affordable. You must try their Strudels, a flaky pastry with various fillings, cottage cheese, apple, poppy-seed and my favourite- cherry. Not to mention the Eszeteházy torts – cake layered with walnut cream and  Cottage cheese cake.



Hungarian Walnut Cake

And of course, you can’t leave the country without trying their famous street food – Lángos. Unfortunately, it is not from the ‘low calories’ range (we shared one between two of us and it was incredibly filling). It is a yeast-raised dough, deep fried in oil, and served with lashings of garlic, sour cream and shredded cheese.


As you know from my previous post, we were lucky enough to be invited for a traditional Hungarian Sunday dinner to our friend’s parents’ place. Her Mum is an incredible cook and she prepared an array of never-ending amazing food for us. We had a Chicken Soup with Cottage Cheese biscuits, Stuffed Pancakes with Chicken and served with Paprika Source, Chicken Paprikash with Galushkas, Cottage & Poppyseed Cake, and Gluten Free Chocolate and Walnut Cake. It was a delicious feast!

Hungarian Chicken Soup

Cottage Cheese Straws

Chicken Paprikash

Cottage Cheese & Poppyseed Cake

Paleo Chocolate Cake



6 thoughts on “Hungarian Food taster

    • Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of lovely coffee spots in Amsterdam too. Actually, we are going to visit Amsterdam in October, would be lovely to know some recommendations 🙂

      • Oops I can not find your email, so I will just wrap it up here!
        I think you would like Sla ( address: Utrechtsestraat 10HS) they got lots of exciting veggie dishes, with good taste combos. There is one shop at Rembrandtplein so it is really easy to drop by while sightseeing.
        Soupenzo ( address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54) is a really small soup place and they are making the tastiest soups ever! It is near Leidseplein, on a street full of art galleries and antiquities, definitely worthy to visit.
        For the best apple pie (typical dutch) go to Winkel43 ( address: Noordermarkt 43) – I would recommend to do this on Saturday, that day there is also a farmers marker on this square, definitely worthy to visit. They have one stand that is specialised in delicious goat cheese, one little peace plus some wine and your are in heaven…
        For markets Albert Cuyp market is open during the week as well (on Albert Cuypstraat), it has lots of different products, I love for example the turkish stand it has various spreads, olives and all kind off jumminess. And of course the raw harring is a must try once you are here, you can get it at the fish stand (and you can get it in a bun as well, like a sandwich).
        There are many many more, if you want to ask anything write me on!
        Enjoy your trip!

      • Hello, Nora 🙂
        Wow, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for your recommendations, it is very kind of you and I really appreciate it!
        Your ‘list’ looks great and everything listed sounds like my cup of tea! I’m gonna try to find and visit as many as possible of your suggested places.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you x x x

        If you ever in Winchester (UK)..I’d like return you a favour 🙂

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