We recently visited Budapest for the first time and had a fabulous time. What a great city it is and spring is a perfect time for visiting when it’s already much warmer than the UK and everything is covered in bloom.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Hungary before, but in reality it was even better then I expected. Buda and Pest, two parts, two stories merge to form a romantic incredible getaway with european style but with a unique signature. The city is very clean, has so much to offer, is very easy to navigate and is comfortable to be in. Plenty of history, culture, enchanting architecture all over the city, sights, museums, you will never be bored.

We were fortunate be taken outside of the city, to Lake Balaton to see some ‘real life’ outside of the capital. We were also invited to our friend’s family house for a proper Hungarian Sunday dinner, which was amazing. The scenery of the river, mountains, lots of trees, great food and hospitable hosts were amazing.


Buda part


Budapest/Fisherman Bastion

Budapest Castle

Buda part

Buda part

Budapest / Old Town


Budapest/ synagogue

Pest Architecture

Tihany, Hungary

Budapest/ Parlament


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