Sagar Vegetarian Review







As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday we spent in London, browsing some galleries, and looking for some nice places to eat. Initially we wanted to check out a place called Kintan, which is famous for its Japanese/Korean barbecues,(the food being cooked at the table over a hot plate), however, we didn’t make a reservation beforehand hence didn’t get in, as it gets very busy at week-end (lesson learnt for next time:). Because of that we decided to check out another place which I wanted to visit for a long time,- ‘Sagar‘ Vegetarian Indian place (Covent Garden branch). And believe me, I really wanted to love this, but sadly, we were a bit disappointed,-firstly with a rather frosty service (but we didn’t pay too much attention to it as, understandably it is in a very busy location) and, secondly, with the food 😦 I ordered the Dosa Massala, which was the only dish we both liked! Vegetable Biriyani  was the worst we ever had (with some wilted and burnt pieces, presumably mushrooms, dried out and brown colour (by the time it reached our table) peas and rather bland rice altogether). We both looked forward to trying Pani Puri and what a disappointment it was,- cold and plastic-like crunchy with some doggy smelling mixture of flavored water. In general, all dishes we ordered were a little watery and lacking in flavour/spice. I really hope we came when the chef had a bad day or may be we made a wrong choice (because after reading majority reviews you can see that it’s a favourite spot by many), but as for me it’s more an eat and go place rather than somewhere to linger. It is definitely a good value for money, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for something more special. 😦

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