Camping on The Jurassic Coast

I apologise to everyone waiting for a recipe from me, as I’m not going to do it this time …again. I’ve been neglecting the kitchen for the time being, meanwhile we are trying to take advantage of the Indian Summer here. Back home we call it ‘Babie Leto’, which actually translates like ‘Women’s Summer’.  I heard it originates from years ago, when our country’s economy was dominated by agriculture, and this time of year was the time when women finished working the fields and had sort of small break before preparing the harvest for the winter. Usually it coincided with the good weather, hence the name.


Anyway, enough of history and legends, the Indian summer or whatever it’s called is here and now. In some ways it is a melancholy period, as the days are shorter, sunlight is ever so white and the mornings meet you with thick fog and mist. However, the days are gloriously warm and perfect for hiking, camping and all sorts of outdoor activities, even swimming.


So, we took this opportunity to go camping and explore some new to us places in Dorset. We found a great base camp for it – The Eype House campsite, with its great cliff-top location and amazing views over the sea.





The campsite is positioned at the bottom of the small picturesque village Eype, whose name actually means ‘steep place’. The village is spread across the hills and dips down to a quiet pebble beach.

It is not too difficult to walk along the beach for a couple miles, and all of a sudden to end up almost in the middle of Bridport. You can do it even quicker and easier to take a walk over the cliff-top, but it’s more fun and definitely less people if you do it via the beach. You won’t regret it, as you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views.







One of the the highlights of our first day was our supper on the beach. The supper itself wasn’t anything special due to our new gas cooker, which turned out to be not very wind proof, but even a simple brioche bacon butty we had there tasted amazing at the time because of the surroundings!