Foraged food is so fashionable…

… Well, you probably noticed that too, that people are getting more and more excited about going back to the basics and actually enjoy the benefit of foraging. I’m always up for it as well. What’s not to like?  It’s free and you can’t get more organic than this. Foraging in Spring is very rewarding – garlic mustard, wood sorrel, dandelions, nettle, but my favourite of them all is wild garlic. If you happened to be somewhere in a woodland it won’t take a lot of effort to find wild garlic, as if it’s there you will smell it, and the smell will lead you to a plantation of it. It tends to grow in the woods, often near or among patches of bluebells. PLEASE BE CAREFUL avoid the lillies-of-the valley, which look very similar and always check with a reliable source before eating any unfamiliar wild plants.


Wild garlic has many of health-giving properties and can be use in many recipes  – soups, salads, pesto, adding into the stews and egg sandwiches. One of the recipe I turn to every year when we get our hands on wild garlic is simple pasta dish which requires only 3 ingredients but some time, like in this case, less is more.



500 g fresh tagliatelle

about 300 g wild garlic

100 g Dolcelatte cheese (or any of your favourite blue cheese)

salt, pepper, olive oil


1. Wash and dry the leaves of the wild garlic. Chop them coarsely.

2. Cook the tagliatelle in a salted water.

3. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large frying pan, add the wild garlic, season with salt and pepper, stir until it stated to wilt and become soft.

4. When paste is done, drain it well, add to the pan with garlic, crumble the cheese on top and toss everything well together.

5. Serve the pasta with additional olive oil and crumble more cheese, if desired.



4 thoughts on “Foraged food is so fashionable…

  1. Looks lovely – such a great combination. I made a quiche with blue cheese and wild garlic recently (well, wild leeks!) and it works so well. This looks beautifully creamy 🙂

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